CNC Component Manufacturing

Barkev Engineering use highly accurate CNC machines providing complete seamless solutions.

CNC stands for Computer Numerical Control, it uses a computer to control multi axis and spindles to create components from raw material to a finished part for the engineering community.

It consists of a steel structure that will house the spindles and moving table, that can move left and right, backward and forward, up and down (3d). The raw material is then fixed to these tables. A tool fixed to the spindle then rotates while the table is then moved in a controlled manner in the directions required to shape the material to the finished product.

The CNC consists of a computer that is electrically connected to the machine via an interface and servo motors that give position and velocity feedback to the control so that the cutting tool can be positioned very accurately in 2 dimensions and up to 5 dimensions to create the required product.

A program is then created using computer aided design and to create the desired component and the entered into the CNC as co-ordinate points that instruct the machine to move to these points at required feeds and spindle speeds according to the user, to machine the part required with very accurate dimensions and very high efficiency, it can the repeat these actions indefinitely.

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