Core Manufacturers

Barkev supplies and manufactures core cutters and slitting blades, including blade holders, circlips, springs, printing consumables including mounting tapes, doctor blades and anilox cleaning chemicals for the Core Manufacturing industry

•    Core Cutter Blades
•    Sharpening
•    Rotary blades, circlips, Knife Springs
•    Goeble rings, bottom knives
•    Olfa cutters, NT cutter blades – non-snap off blades
•    Slitting blades in Carbide Steel and Titanium Coated
•    Serrated Blades, Tucker blades, Cut Off Blades
•    Doctor Blades – Steel and Plastic
•    Chamber seals
•    Cushion mounting Tapes
•    Hard mounting Tapes
•    Cleaning Products – Recyl Clean, Cobra, W200
•    Plate Brushes
•    Anilox brushes – stainless steel and brass
•    Ink pumps – Yamada and Kelva
•    Quick Lock Couplings & Seals

•    Light box / Inspection Box
•    Eyeglass and Microscopes
•    Airshafts – New, Repair and spare parts

If you also print

•    Dr. Blades- chamber seals
•    Cushion mount- Hard mount
•    Recyl Clean, Recyl Cobra. W200- (ceramic rollers)
•    Plate Brushes, Anilox brushes, stainless steel, brass
•    Ink pumps, Yamada, Kelva
•    Quick Lock Couplings & Seals
•    Light box, Eyeglass, Microscopes
•    Airshaft Spares, New and Repair

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