Gravure Packaging

Barkev supplies various consumables including Doctor Blades, Brass Cylinder Brushes, Slitting Blades, Viscosity Cups, Teflon tapes and many more items to the Printing Industry.

• Doctor Blades – economy/standard
• Doctor Blades – M Flex/long life – Microkote
• Polyester blades for PVDC, ink fountains
• Splash plates and splash strips
• Brass brushes, Fibre brush
• Ink pumps, Yamada, Kelva, Cemp
• Quick Lock Couplings & Seals
• Anti-Static Brushes, Bars & Tinsel
• Olfa cutters, NT cutter blades, non-snap off blades
• Slitting Blades in Carbon, Stainless
• Carbide Steels Blades , Titanium Coated Blades
• Rotary Blades, Blade Holders, Circlips
• Knife Springs, Goeble Rings, Bottom Knives
• Core cutter blades
• Salvage core cutter machine
• Cut off blades/serrated blades/manufacturing
• Sharpening, Anvils/rotary blades/core cutting blades
• Dyne Treater pens red & blue
• Pet testing pens
• Magnetic Ink Filters
• Tapes, splicing tape, buff tape, clear tape

• RDA tape, alu tape , cork tape,
• Teflon / SUT-A tape
• Stop watches
• Viscosity Cups – Zahn and DIN cups
• K bars, K Lox rollers
• Hand cleaner
• Magic Lox
• Rags
• Stroboscopes
• Micrometres / Thickness Gauge
• Blade sticks
• Lab equipment / rub tester, ovens, etc
• Polishing film
• Light box, Eyeglass, Magnifier
• Plastic jugs
• Shore Hardness tester
• Recyl clean
• Pantone colour guides
• Steel Rulers 150mm
• Air Shafts New and Repair
• Emery Paper, Lapping Film

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