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Barkev supplies manual and automatic Ink proofing equipment, Viscosity cups, Hand Proofers, Lab equipment, Draw Down bars, Capatch volume check and Anilox Cleaning Chemicals

•    Recyl Clean, Recyl Cobra (ceramic)
•    Olfa NT cutter & Blades
•    Plate brushes / Anilox brushes stainless steel
•    Brass brushes
•    Anti-Static brushes, bars & tinsel
•    Hand cleaner
•    Micrometers / Thickness Gauge
•    Pantone Colour guide
•    Viscosity Cups – Zahn and DIN cups
•    4” Proofers (handles, rubber & Anilox rollers)

•    RK Print (proofing handles, bars, pads and machines)
•    Microscopes / Magnifiers
•    UV test sheets
•    Capatch volume check
•    Dyne pens
•    Ink filters
•    Pallet knives
•    Ph meters & Ph solution
•    Lux meters

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Ink Manufacturers

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