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Non-Woven Products & Packaging
June 2, 2017 Barkev Graphics Bulletin,Bulletin Barkev Group

Quality Control In Non-Woven Products & Packaging New kinds of non-woven and composite engineered structures have come on the scene in the last few decades and in some areas of industry have had a profound impact. For instance in civil engineering, non-woven geo-textiles are highly valued for sub-surface drainage and erosion control applications. Associated composite

Print Resposibly
June 2, 2017 Barkev Graphics Bulletin Barkev Group

The composition of wastes from printing and converting varies but in general, source reduction of these wastes will benefit printers and converters that print by reducing material needs, disposal costs and energy consumption, etc.  The control of waste in the pressroom and in other departments not only makes the workplace and surrounding environment safer and

Specialized chamber blade units
February 23, 2017 Barkev Engineering Bulletin,Bulletin Barkev Group

These custom chamber blade unit were manufactured for a customer in Zimbabwe, He wanted to upgrade his Flexographic printing press to utilize modern printing techniques. Aircraft grade billet aluminum was used with stainless steel fittings. Chamber blade units enclose the doctor blades that control volume of ink transferred to the anilox roller. General Engineering CNC